Introducing our new service - Phenoscanner 

A complete solution for scan-o-matic - the open source massive microbial phenotyping platform

The open source project scan-o-matic is available on github it is free for all to use and to contribute to. But it is rather complex to setup and use. First of all hardware like scanners and climate chambers need to be in place and the laboratory also need to manufacture acrylic fixtures for fixating the agar plates in the scanner. Scan-o-matic also requires quite skilled IT-personnel to install, setup and maintain the system. Backup solutions and archiving systems for research data produced by the system should preferably be in place to be able to recover data in case of any kind of incidents. Phenomique offers services to procure the hardware, install the hardware and software, maintain the system, run scan-o-matic as a software-as-a-service (cloud service) and give our users support and training. Phenomique intends to contribute to scan-o-matic to make it simpler for massive microbial phenotyping projects even if you don't want to buy our services. Visit our online shop today to order a complete fixture.


Collecting data is a part of the workflow process and should be as smooth as possible according to your work standards.


Process automation is the key word for this step. No personnel should spend time to manually run already defined data flows. This is both error prone and expensive.


All your raw data and processed data is available for analysis. Standard graphs is defined and automatically presented. Data is accessible through a data-API